From a Child's Perspective

QUESTION: How did you feel about being separated from your siblings and unable to visit in a home-like environment?

RESPONSE: Being separated from my siblings was challenging, confusing, and heart breaking - especially with me being a twin. We looked forward to visitations because they were some of the few times we got to get together and be "normal" again, but they never felt 100% natural because they were always in an office or public setting.

QUESTION: Where did some of your visits with siblings and family take place and how is it different from HFTF.

RESPONSE: The HFTF provides a warm, welcoming, and safe space that public spaces simply cannot provide. I would have greatly appreciated having a resource like this when I was in care. 

QUESTION: How did separation or not having quality time during visits affect you physically or emotionally?

RESPONSE: Not having quality time during visits was very saddening and stressful.  I was always consumed with counting down, what seemed to be like the few minutes we have together, and emotionally I struggled with not having access to my family on a more regular basis. 

QUESTION: How do you believe Hope for the Future can be beneficial to all involved (DHS, parents, child, care provider).

RESPONSE: HFTF has created a resource for children and their families to have a sense of normalcy in what can be one of the most challenging times.  I believe that having niche resources like this for families who are struggling is imperative to families' sense of hope, healing, and connection.

Erin Robinson