Why Supervised Visitation?

Supervised Visitation is provided between parents, children, siblings, and/or others who have been separated due to allegations of abuse or neglect or are involved with juvenile court system.  Visitation allows the child an opportunity to reconnect and reestablish the parent/child/family relationship in a natural, safe home environment.  It is a time for parents to learn and practice new parenting techniques and to assess their own ability to parent through interaction with the child.  Supervised visitation allows the referring agency, in most cases the Department of Child Services or the Courts of Oklahoma County, or any other counties within Oklahoma, to assess the relationship between the child and parent and to assist the parent in strengthening their parenting skills and develop new skills.

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The role of the visitation supervisor/monitor is to protect the integrity of the visit and provide a positive atmosphere where parents and children may interact in a safe, structured environment.  Supervised Visitation may be monitored by the referring agency, Child Welfare Specialist, CASA Volunteer, Therapist or any other parties approved by Child Welfare Specialist involved in the child’s case, taking into consideration the child’s physical safety and emotional well-being.

Hope for the Future is interested in assuring that children can have a safe, conflict-free access to parents with whom they do not reside.  HFTF provides children with opportunities for safe, conflict-free access to parents and siblings.



Monday thru Friday 
9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

As needed


About Supervised Visits

We offer multiple child-friendly / child focused visitation rooms for families to spend quality time together. Each room is equipped with age appropriate games, toys, and comfortable furniture.

Family oriented video game, family movies, crafts, read a book – whatever you choose, there are plenty of activities for a fun and memorable experience.

Well trained professional and staff monitor all visits for physical and emotional safety.