Wish List


Paper goods & Food

Paper Towels
Paper Cups
Paper Plates
Paper Napkins
Plastic Forks/Knives Spoons
Plastic Zip Lock Storage Bag
Toilet Paper
Purified Bottled Water
Box Juice, Kids Fruit Juice Drink Boxes
Bags of assorted Chips


Small folding activity table 
Colored Pens
Non-Toxic Paint (assorted)
Colored Markers
Toy’s / Games – all ages
Journals (assorted colors)
Videos & DVD’s (age 3-17)
Reading Books (age 3-17) 
Wii Games (age 10-17)
Board games (age infants - 17)
Toys (for all ages)
Kids Storage Organize with 9 Bins (White)
ECR4Kids Patchwork Toddler Blocks - 12 pack

Cleaning Supplies

Trash Bags – Med & Tall
Large Black Trash Bags
Hand Soap
409 Cleaner
Clorox Wipes
Disposable Gloves
Disinfecting Wipes
Glad Plug-ins Oil warmers
Glad Plug-in Oil Fillers
Hand Sanitizer
Miscellaneous Items
Vacuum Cleaner

Baby Items

Child Plug Protectors
Baby Magic/Aveeno Lotion
Baby Toy’s
Baby Wipes

Office Supplies

Digital Projector
Black Ink Pens
Card Stock – White & Color
Large Dry Erase Board
Dry Erase Makers
Hanging File Folders
Copy Paper
Canon Copy Cartridges
Large Copier Canon:120-127V; Small Canon 245 & 246 


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